Our Process

Our Process

No Offseason Sports provides the marketing and business expertise to maximize our athlete’s NIL opportunities through branding, digital marketing, social media, and creative design. Owning your brand and managing it like a business is the key to success. We understand the NIL landscape and our athlete’s evolving needs allowing us to quickly innovate and provide customized solutions.

Brand Partnership Exploration

One of the biggest challenges athletes face when procuring NIL deals is finding the right partnerships for a brand deal. Whether it be searching for brands in an industry that fits your brand or making sure the type of deal is ideal for a partnership, we partner with our athletes throughout every step of the process to procure the best brand deals for them.

Contract Development + Negotiation

We work with businesses and potential brand partnerships to develop agreements that have our athletes’ best interests in mind. We spend a lot of time working on the agreements to ensure our athletes can execute on their deliverables as well as the deliverables timing fits their schedule.

Content Creation

Our goal is to provide resources to our athletes that will provide them with the best content to deliver for their brand partnerships. Whether the deal is large or small, paid or simply for a product exchange, we want our athletes to put out the most engaging content possible to leverage for future deals or partnerships.

Execution of Deliverables

Let’s face it. Athletes are some of the most time-constrained students on campus. We provide resources to our players to make it seamless for them to be aware and execute on their deliverables. We use a content management program that allows us to create posts and social media content on our athletes behalf. Athletes will receive notifications on their phone that will allow them to review and execute content deliverables in a matter of seconds.

Securing payment

Every brand partnership can use a different form of payment to compensate an athlete. We assist our athletes with making profiles for every type of payment platform to allow for timely compensation and make it easier for them to do business with their brand partnerships.

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