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Jake Norris

Jake is an entrepreneur at heart and has a passion for business and all things sports-related. In August 2021, Jake co-founded No Offseason Sports where he is able to bring his passions together to better the lives of high school and collegiate athletes. At No Offseason, he is responsible for overseeing business development efforts, representing athletes as a sports agent licensed in Florida, and maximizing their brand partnership opportunities.

Prior to co-founding No Offseason, Jake worked in the world of finance at some of the most prestigious firms in the industry. This experience allows Jake to help athletes manage themselves as a business, offering both financial literacy and tax planning programs to the No Offseason athletes.

He currently resides in St. Petersburg with his wife, Marisa Norris, and their goldendoodle, Brody. Jake is a graduate of Florida State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics.

Marisa Norris

Marisa is an expert marketing strategist and consultant. She is passionate about developing brands and leveraging digital and traditional marketing to maximize the brand’s potential. Marisa consults on each athlete’s personal brand to ensure it will stand the test of time and represents their passions. She acts as the subject matter expert on social media and educates athletes on best practices to maximize their digital marketing landscape.

Marisa spent years working in marketing for the most sophisticated firms in the financial services industry. Her adaptability to the ever-changing marketing landscape allows Marisa to partner with athletes to build a sustainable brand and maximize their NIL opportunities.

She was born and raised in St. Petersburg, where she lives with her husband, Jake Norris, and their Goldendoodle, Brody. Marisa is a graduate of Florida State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Leadership Studies Certificate, and minors in International Affairs and Psychology.

Christian Karras

Christian has extensive experience managing a successful business and overseeing corporate administration. His experience translates to the No Offseason athletes as they build their own business through NIL channels. In August 2021, Christian co-founded No Offseason Sports where he owns the day-to-day operations of No Offseason Sports and oversees NIL market research giving No Offseason its’ competitive edge. No Offseason is backed by research and informed on the changing NIL landscape, which enables us to best represent our athletes. He oversees the business strategy and modeling, financial analysis, and project management.

Prior to co-founding No Offseason, Christian started his career working in finance at Fidelity Investments and Raymond James positioning him as an expert in financial analysis. He now owns and oversees the corporate administration for a construction consulting company responsible for sustainability and quality control.

Christian resides in St. Petersburg. He received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics with a minor in Business and Finance from Florida State University.

Christian Karras

Jessica dumas

Jessica is an expert media strategist who is truly passionate about advertising, creating, and connecting. In August 2021, Jessica joined No Offseason Sports, creating personalized brand and marketing strategies for each athlete.

Before joining No Offseason, Jessica worked at several top advertising agencies, including Google and Fitbit. She has extensive experience in traditional offline media, including TV, Out of Home, Radio, Cinema, and Print, and crafting major brand partnerships and integrations. Jessica was responsible for building tactical strategic plans, creating the vision, and executing the idea. Her ability to stay at the forefront of culture gives her the edge to know exactly what is right for her client’s brand.

Jessica was born and raised in Florida but moved to New York City after college. She moved to St. Petersburg from New York City at the beginning of 2021, where she lives with her fiancé and husky. Jessica is a graduate of Florida State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Communication Technology.

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